An Individualized and Flexible approach to workplace safety for the Film Industry.

What we do

We understand the variability and last-minute demands of working with film production. Our dedicated physician and nursing staff do everything we can to accommodate these timeline changes. Check below to view a few options we can take care of for you!

Covid Testing

We provide 1:1 concierge testing when time is tight, our nurses set up tents/tables to provide on-location testing for larger groups or we offer convenient office hours for walk-in testing as needed.

IV Hydration/Nutrition

We provide IV fluid hydration with added nutrients and/or medications as needed. This direct absorption of vitamins and minerals helps to maintain a strong immune system, boost energy levels and decrease minor aches/pains.

Medical Grade Skin Care

We all love a good tan but those UV rays cause premature aging (wrinkles!) and skin damage which can potentially lead to skin cancer. Using products with medical grade actives promotes healthy, radiant skin and a daily sunscreen protects from further damage.

Meet Dr. Amendeep Somal

Dr. Amendeep Somal is a Board Certified physician and has been practicing in Honolulu since 2004. She specializes in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation and is now focused on preventing illness and injuries along with recovery and rejuvenation. She has provided botox and hyaluronic acid injections for 20+ years in both the medical and esthetic fields.

Her nursing staff is specially trained…

In multiple areas of health and wellness including:

– IV hydration/vitamin infusions

– Botox/Xeomin injections

– Medical grade microneedling 

– Pilates/Lagree personal training for strength and balance

– Hydrafacials

– Medicinal Cannabinoids

– Covid Compliance Officers

Professional Partnerships

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